Install Turtle Mesh in 3 Easy Steps


Install your Mesh Easily in any head.

Watch the Tutorial which displays back to front the full installation process all the way to the last throw off (Shooting String)

This in depth video will help you perfect your project. Remember, its always better to take your time!!!



Step By Step:

  1. (Topstring) Remove the Top String from the Bag and thread it through the Top sidewall on your head. Once it is threaded through, take it to the first whole on the top of the head. Thread through the hole. put the string through the leather loop on the first leather of your TurtleMesh, and then through the same hole on the head, securing your first leather to the head. Repeat for all four leathers and then secure the end of the top string to the opposite top sidewall on the other side of the head. Your topstring should now secure the entire Mesh to the top of your head.
  2. (Sidewalls) Remove the Sidewall from the TurtleMesh packaging 1 at a time. First secure the sidewall to the top of the head, take the sidewall through the preformed loop in your TurtleMesh and then back to the sidewall. Continue until you have secured all the holes to the sidewall and secure the string with a knot at the end of the sidewall pattern. Repeat on the other side
  3. (Finishing Touches) Install the shooters into your pocket. secure the leathers through the bottom of your head and pound your pocket. Once you have formed the channel you want, your TurtleMesh will be ready for Action!